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Updated 12/04//2014 10:30 AM MST

I am accepting half price offers on all of my listings on for user ID Willy56.

If you want an instant music collection to impress your friends, you can buy the remaining items as listed below for $2 per item for whatever remains.  Nearly everything  is "like new" and there are very few that are less than VG++ on both sleeve and vinyl.

If you don't see it on Discogs and it is on one of the lists below, make me a ridiculous offer and I will probably accept.

I will be shutting down this website early next year as I prepare to move so the old email address will expire with it.

Thanks for looking!

If you find something of interest, make an offer on Discogs, or directly to me at my email address: 

7 Inch Vinyl For Sale 

10 and 12 Inch EPs For Sale

LPs For Sale

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 Extensive listing of bands, web site addresses, e-mail addresses and band discographies.

If you'd like to add one of my web site banners to your site, grab one from here.

Places to get punk rock clothing.

This is where we focus on a specific topic that is worthy of a lengthy write up.

This was my original home page.  It is here for historical purposes only and acts as a reminder to me of what I originally set out to accomplish.

Sites similar to mine that provide information about music.

Sites that write about a specific scene in the world.

Places you can mastering service, CD duplication, buttons, dating, etc.

Pretty self explanatory.

Venues that cater to punk rock music.

 My label and home to the Black Jax, Horehounds, Shock and Silencers.

About the Author
This section is tells a little bit about myself and where I came from, musically speaking. 
This section contains all of the home page updates since the site began in January 2000 divided by year entered. 
Archives 2006

Reviews of records and CD's, gigs we've gone to and the occasional book and zine.

Web Zines
Other sites that write about punk rock on a regular basis.

Where To Get Music   
This is a listing divided into 4 sections:  Record Stores, Mail Order sites, Labels and MP3 download sites and gives a broad spectrum of places where you can get punk rock music..  


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Thanks for the ongoing support.


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